Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What Is Diwali | Article Or Essay On Happpy Diwali | How To Celebrate Diwali.

What Is Diwali | Article Or Essay On Happpy Diwali | How To Celebrate And Enjoy The Hindu's Festival Of Diwali.


1. Introduction-Diwali is a very nice festival of the Hindus. It comes in the month October or November every year. It is celebrated in the memory of Lord Ram's return to Ayodhya from forests after 14 years. The people of Ayodhya welcomed Lord Ram heartily. They decorated their houses with flowers. They lighted earthen lamps before their houses. The Diwali remembrance of that day.

2. Preparations-Days before, the people start preparations for this festival. People clean their houses completely. They white-wash them. The merchants paint their shops and set them. The markets get a new look.

3. How Celebrated-People buy new clothes and new dresses. They buy many things or this festival. Children buy crackers. Ladies buy sarees and material for preparing sweets. People give presents to friends and relatives. They send greeting cards to their far off friends and relatives. Main days of celebration of Diwali are three "Dhan Teras Roop Chaudas' and 'Diwali' on Amavasya day. In the evening, ladies and children burn candles and lamps. Many electric bulbs of several colours are also lighted. lamps look very beautiful.

4. Worship of Goddess Laxmi-On Diwali people worship Goddess Laxmi. They pray her for health, wealth and happiness for the whole year. Children let off fireworks People eat sweets. They distribute Prasad' of Diwali. The rich and the poor enjoy Diwali All classes of the society are happy.

5. Importance-Diwali is celebrated all over India.People of all parts of India and all communities celebrate it.It is a festival of national importance.It promotes national unity also.

6. For All People -People of all age groups enjoy celebration of Diwafi. Children youth and the old, gents and ladies feel freshness at the coming of Diwali. The rich and the poor, all celebrate it as per their capacity.

7. Conclusion-Diwali is a very nice festival. People forget their differences. There good. Some are some bad customs too. Some people gamble and drink wine. This is not persons get injured by the crackers due to carelessness However, Diwali brings happiness every home in India.